Nanjing Jinning Magnetic Electronic Equipment Co., LTD
Tel:  86-25-85504497
Fax:  86-25-85638995
Ultrasonic cleaning drying machine, Milling machine, Electronic automatic batching system, Humidity-adjustment technique fitting, Liquid transport tube pump, Material mixer, Snake-shaped powder transport ,Plasma blender,  Blender, Heat blender, PVA solution preparation machine, Density automatic measurement, Flan cleaner, Libration permutation machine, Magnetic core cutting transport, Flan de-burr machine, Passing magnetic core cutter, Gas-aperture processor ,Rotate kiln and agglomeration kiln.
Shenzhen Tuopuda Information Co,. Ltd
Tel:  86-755-86196415
Fax:  86-755-86196414
Business information and design service for electronic products
Beijing Metron Instruments CO.,LTD
Tel: 86-10-84929402
Fax: 86-10-84927216
Gas Mass Flow Meter, Flow display unit, Electromagnetic regulating valve, Electromagnetic check valve
Yiheda Automatic Equipment Co., Ltd
Tel:  86-21-68082919
Fax:  86-21-58088654
Oscillating plates series, Automation system(packaging, assembly, testing, tapping combined machining)
Tel:  86-29-88887695
Fax:  86-29-88887698
Lead-free Reflow Soldering Machine, Lead-free Wave Soldering Machine, High and low temperature aging rooms; Final assembly line; Modules line; Belt line; Aging production line
Wuxi Sunan Experimental Equipment Co., Ltd
Tel:  86-510-85433381
Fax:  86-510-85433389
High/Low temperature test cabinet, Humid heat test cabinet, Salt spray test cabinet, Dust test cabinet, Drip test cabinet, Light ageing equipment
Wuxi AMT Technology Co., Ltd
Tel:  86-510-81000181-801
Fax:  86-510-85418265
automatic silicon wafer dryer, PECVD carbon steel plate conveyor line, quartz tube cleaning machine, graphite boat cleaning machine, scrap steel wire cutting machine, mortar agitator tank, 45 degree frame-up machine, automatic glue machine, caterpillar conveyer, nitrogen cabinet, clean bench etc..
Wenzhou Yongtai Electrical CO.,LTD
Single-Crystal Growth Furnace
Spin coater, Developer, Spin coater/Developer track system, Clean machine
Suzhou Lanlin Cleaning/Air condition Equipment Co., Ltd
Tel:  86-512-65494564
Fax:  86-512-65766525
Cleaning air condition system, Cleaning bench, cleaning project
Shanghai NISSIN Machine Co.,Ltd.
Tel:  86-21-57626722
Fax:  86-21-57626723
Super-Precision Surface Grinding Machine With Double-Shafts;Fully-Automatic Precision Cutting Machine;Grinding Machine for H-Shape Magnetic Core;Straightly Pass-Through Surface Grinder, Double-side wafer grinder
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