Equipment for semiconductor materials£¬discrete component£¬LED£¬IC and solar cell manufacturing

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1. 6-8¡± Float-zone Furnace
2. 8 inch JSFZ100 Float-zone Silicon Single Crystal Furnace
3. Crystal growth /Synthetic / Purification
4. CVI Rapid Deposition Furnace
5. KY90T-ZJS Sapphire Crystal-growing Furnace
6. HEM-120 Heat Exchange Method Sapphire Crystal Grower
7. KY-670 Kyropoulos Method Sapphire Crystal Grower
8. High-resolution Power Supply for Sapphire Growth
9. X62 360-2 Polishing Machine
10. External Recharger for Single Crystal Furnace.
11. 1200KG Directional Crystal Growers
12. HCZD-660 Poly-silicon Ingot Furnace
13. VB-1200 Poly-silicon Ingot Furnace
14. Medium Frequency Induction Power Supply
15. GM400-8H CNC roll grinding machine
16. WM500-8 Outer Cylinderical Grinding Machine
17. WDJ500 Horizontal Band Saw Machine
18. X07 220¡Á650-1D Multi-wire Cutter
19. Multi-function Single Crystal Orientation Instrument
20. Crystal Bar Notch Orientation Units
21. Double Precision Lapping (Polishing) Machine
22. PG-1201 Silicon Polisher
23. X62 360-2 Polishing Machine
24. SES630A Silicon APCVD System
25. Flexer Series Metal PVD System
26. Automatic Reactive Ion Etcher
27. Ion Beam Sputtering Coating Machine
28. 300mm Vertical Oxidation Furnace
29. 300mm High-temperature Annealing Furnace
30. 300mm LPCVD
31. Low Pressure Diffusion System
32. Rapid Thermal Processing System
33. KS-S300-E Single Wafer Wet Etching Equipment
34. KS-S300-ST Single Wafer Resist Strip and Lift-off Equipment
35. RFG RF generator
36. Flexer D420 LED DBR/ODR Sputter
38. WY-360 Automatic Alignment Printing Machine
39. Soft landing high temperature diffusion system
40. Fast firing furnace
41. Automatic Loading and Unloading Tablet Machine
42. HP-803AD Automatic Dicing Saw
43. JB-802 Backside Grinding Machine
44. WB-6102 Automatic IC Wire Bonder
45. GIS130 Pick & Place Test Handler
46. GM40 Economy Automatic Laser Marking Machine
47. GIS129 Automatic In-tape optical Inspection Machine
48. BC3193Z IC Tester
49. DDT Series Electroplating Equipment
50. In-line Plasma Cleaning Systems
51. Industrial CT
52. X-Ray Testing Equipment AX8300
53. Open Style Transmission Target Micro-focus X-ray Tube
54. JIS-4660 Full-automatic Wafer Dicing Cleaning Machine
55. JIS-1000 Straight Thermal Vacuum Welding Stove
56. GIS129E Automatic In-tape optical Inspection Machine
57. Parallel Seam Sealer
58. DKJ-08 Green Ceramic Sheet Punching Machine
59. ZSH-300 Low Temperature Vacuum Soldering (Sintering) Equipment
60. S48 300/HMT Digital Mass Flow Controller

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