(3) Equipment for electronic components and electromechanical module manufacturing

Product       Manufacturer Web
71. CP160 Electric Press www.tdgmt.com
72. CPG250 CNC Periphery Grinding Machine For Indexable Inserts www.tdgmt.com
73. Roller Hearth Furnace www.cs48.com
74. RBN14-40401008/UM Eight-pile Bell-jar Atmosphere
Sintering Furnace www.cs48.com
75. RAN16-79x3600x34/UM Fully Automatic Nitrogen Pretection
Pusher Kiln www.cs48.com
76. YJXQW811A Multi-Wire Saw www.yj-cn.com
77. YJXQT1416A Multi-Wire Saw www.yj-cn.com
78. YJFC4000A Oil-Sand Separation Recycling Machine www.yj-cn.com
79. DX485B Multi Wire Saw www.tsjingyu.com
80. DX2231R Arc Multi Wire Saw www.tsjingyu.com
81. 950 Gas Rotating Kiln www.futegao.cn
82. YSZ250B Automatic Lithium Battery Lamination Machine www.yhwins.com
83. YWP150I Square Tab Welding/Winding Machine www.yhwins.com
84.J70700-24/ZF 700mm Battery Electrode Material Slitter Machine www.xajs.com.cn
85. 5n-line Lithium Battery X-Ray Detection Equipment LX3000 www.unicomp.cn
86. 6B-50 Tape wrapping of Power Lithium Batteries Machine www.tyfh-ie.com
87. 770700-18/ZF Super Metallized Film Slitter www.xajs.com.cn
88. J8425/ZF Model Fiber Gyro Automatism Coil Winding Machine www.xajs.com.cn
89. J8103-6/ZF Special Coil Winding Mchine for Optical Fiber www.xajs.com.cn
90. Vacuum Box Oven www.ecmee.com
91. Vapor degreaser www.ecmee.com
92. ZDX Electronic Components Automatic Electroplating Line www.ersuo.com

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